Head teacher
Catena Giovanna Moschella

Guido Maria Lamanna

Annunziato Tripodi

Collections and guarded heritage
Salvatore Palmeri (responsible)
(inventory, cataloging and documentation of goods – technical aspects – conservation)

Curators of the collections
Roberta Filardi (contemporary art collection – paintings and sculptures / collections: ceramics and fabrics)
Paola Minniti (historical collection “Frangipane” – paintings and drawings)
Giuseppina Irma Tripepi (historical collection “Frangipane” – sculptures – plaster casts – wooden works and furnishing accessories)

Security officer
Francesca Battaglia – RSPP (Management of the intervention plan for the safety of the mobile artistic heritage)

Educational educational services
Enhancement, Paths, Heritage Education

Roberta Filardi (responsible)
Paola Minniti
Giuseppina Irma Tripepi

Giovanna Filocamo (programs and paths for accessibility and inclusion, also in English)

Anna Fragomeno (responsible)

Historical archive
Roberta Filardi
Paola Minniti
Giuseppina Irma Tripepi
Anna Fragomeno

Public relations, Marketing, Fundraising and installations
Annunziato Tripodi (responsible, public relations, fundraising)
Roberta Filardi (historical-artistic aspects)
Vincenzo Errigo
Salvatore Palmeri
Francesca Vozza
Eleonora Pesaro
Annunziato Tripodi (museography and installations)
Salvatore Palmeri (marketing – fundraising)
Enrico Strati, Poletti Caterina, Anna Quattrone (website – advertising – marketing)
Giuseppina Russo (international relations)

Francesca Morabito (responsable) (press relations)
Roberta Filardi (historical-artistic aspects)
Giuseppina Russo (translations, relations with organizations and foreign press)
Anna Quattrone (relationships with social networks and media)

Personnel assigned to security and reception services
Ines Cutelle (reception, relations with educational and didactic services)
Tiziana Sgrò, Consolato Mallamaci (security service)

Restoration interventions
Antonio Barbera (responsible for pictorial restoration)
Salvatore Palmeri (responsible for wooden restoration)

System managers
RInternal Human Resources Manager
Head teacher: Prof.ssa Catena Giovanna Moschella (legal manager of the museum)

Head of Administrative and Economic-Financial Procedures:
Director of Management and Administrative Services (DSGA): Dott. Guido Maria Lamanna