The new established “Alfonso Frangipane Art Museum” represents the ideal place for the promotion of historical and artistic heritage, informal learning, intercultural dialogue, education for beauty through paths that create active citizenship skills.
The commitment of the famous master Alfonso Frangipane for the culture, training and development of Calabria has a far origin and it is linked to the many activities promoted by the artist and to the history of the two schools he founded : the State Institute of Art and the Art School, today they have ben united in an unique institute after the Gelmini reform.
The signs of his work are still tangible today not only in the city of Reggio Calabria but also throughout the Calabrian territory. It is for this reason that the recovery of the artistic and intellectual heritage left by Alfonso Frangipane represents an important commitment, not only to reawaken the memory and the memory of its value but above all because the Artistic Lyceum is the guardian of the most meaningful patrimony of the master.
For this purpose the museum was born inside the Artistic Lyceum which, according to the dream and to the project of Frangipane himself, represents a valid enhancement of the school’s cultural activities.
The museum, therefore, wants to represent not only a meaningful element of socio-cultural recovery of the territory able of stimulating ferments of vital importance in a community rich in history and traditions such as Calabria, but also to become an opportunity for meeting and discussion to transmit to the new generations.